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Exposing the Root Cause of Corruption, Ineptitude and Gross Dereliction of Duties!

Refer to the attached letter to the ELM Administrator, Mr. Willy Bhila (click here: EfC_ELM-Administrator_20200807) that was distributed earlier this morning.

The Emfuleni for Change (EfC) Intervention Program has now launched the Second Wave of the Community Intervention Program; a holistic campaign to redress the following:

  1. Rehabilitation – Of the Apocalyptic state of Strategic Assets, including Electricity, Water & Sanitation and Roads, among others (this is Wave One, which was launched on 3 July, with the Electrical Infrastructure Intervention Program)
  2. Re-purposing – Of people and process to restore effective service delivery to Ratepayers & Residents (this Wave Two will pave the way for this initiative)
  3. Restitution – Taking back Our Rights to prosperity and happiness, as law-abiding, tax-paying citizens! (Wave Three will be launched in due course, so, watch this space)

We are making progress, albeit slower than anticipated, but no matter how many attempts by Civil Servants to procrastinate our prowess, we are making some serious inroads. We will update you on progress via a massive Awareness Campaign (Wave Three of the Intervention program), which we plan to commence rolling out towards the end of August 2020.

Stay tuned and Thank You to those that have already contributed to our Fund-raising Campaign launched on Tuesday ,04 August 2020. Your contributions will determine how rapidly we will be able to restore Emfuleni to its former glory as the Hub of Industry and Heavy Engineering in Africa.

PS – If you have not done so already, please sign the Petition (click here: EIIP Petition).