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Strike 3, Mr. Nkoane – You’re Out!

How much do you think your constituency will tolerate your ruthless, contemptuous and downright vindictive behavior? No more; we are gatvol!

Please go to the ERPA Petition page and sign it, if you believe that Oupa Nkoane should be held personally accountable for the criminal way he has handled this matter. Just click the link below:

Mr. Nkoane, we hold you Accountable for the Smart Meter Fiasco!


  1. Henry

    I am a pensioner and can not afford the way we are treated in ELM

  2. Naki

    I bought a house and the transfer was done in September 2019, occupation was in November. The municipality has give nus a bill of R18000 for August through December 2019, the house was empty when we bought it and has been until occupation in Nov. How do we generate a bill of R18000 if the house was empty? is there anyone who can assist with my dilemma?

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