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As losses and costs of Emfuleni Local Municipality’s (ELM’s) smart meter replacement strategy escalate to near R20million already only three weeks into a five-month roll-out, residents of Emfuleni suburbs which earlier bitterly resisted their installation now prepare to fight to keep them.The estimated losses – both in lost revenue and escalating power theft and destruction of infrastructure – will never be made up as ELM removes smart meters and replaces with less advanced meters, say independent experts.

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Source: Smart meter replacement wars: Now residents fight to KEEP them – Sedibeng Ster


  1. Sheila

    After enquiring with an qualified electricial engineer, I have been advised that I have now been bridged, without being consulted or notified to this effect. I have a balance on my smart meter of R583.29 and would like to be refunded for this amount already paid. How do I go about it?
    Secondly I was also informed that the wrong wiring for the bridging has been used. Will Emfuleni please correct this problem.
    Thirdly, since the smart meter installation was forced upon us I have not been able to switch my geyser off (to save electricity) as when I switch the geyser switch off everything goes off. Apparently wrongly wired.


    • ERPA

      You are correct, Sheila, ELM is causing a serious fire hazard by not conforming the SANS regulations in bridging SMs, which clearly states that at least 10mm gauge wire must be used to bridge the 80A SMs. This is one of the primary reasons why ERPA decided to redo all the work ELM has done, with qualified and certified Electrical volunteers, and the state of the inferior wiring (photo evidence of melted wires, etc.) has already been disclosed to the relevant authorities.

      We advise everyone involved in the Smart Meter fiasco to record their SM situation diligently, i.e. take ample photos before, during and after the bridging.

      Thirdly, if you have not done so yet, I strongly urge that you log your SM on the ERPA website, so that it can receive attention by trustworthy people asap.

      Here is the process to log your Smart Meter:

      1. Register as a Subscriber
      a. Click this link: to register
      b. Here is a short video tutorial:
      2. Log in and go directly to your personal profile page, as you will need to augment your profile with ELM-related information
      a. Click the My Profile menu item
      i. On PC/Laptop, this menu item is visible at the top menu, at the top right of the page
      ii. On Smartphone, click the 3 x hamburger lines at the top right of the page, and scroll down and select My Profile.
      b. Then, click your personal Home tab (this is not the same as the Home page of the main website; this is your personal Home page)
      c. Then, click the blue Update Profile button
      d. Here is a short video tutorial:
      3. Log your Smart Meter issue
      a. Click this link:
      b. Here is a short video tutorial:
      4. You will receive an email confirmation as well as a .pdf attachment of your logged issue. Please call the number in the email message to record your SM incident with MUSS, and provide them with the unique reference number.

      Also, I strongly suggest that you join the ERPA Community group, as this is where all the latest updates happen:

      If you have any further issues, please let me know at

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