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Everyone experiencing electricity interruption due to the Smart Meter issue, please log your issue on the ERPA website at:

Problem Statement & Corrective Action

The problem with the Smart Meters came about (allegedly) because ELM has not paid the Smart Meter Service Provider, resulting in the Service Provider terminating its contract with ELM. This had the knock-on effect that the Smart Meters cannot be credited with kWh you purchase.

The (temporary) resolution is for authorized electrical Service Providers, supervised by ELM, to visit each meter in order to implement a temporary ‘fix’ to restore your electrical supply, until another Smart Meter Service Provider is in place. These electrical SPs will only work from the list resulting from the form above, so be sure to log your issue even if you have logged it with someone else before.

Smart Meter Form

This form (link posted at the top of this message) is the central database for all Smart Meter issues. If you have already submitted your info to the Councilors (or anyone else, for that matter), please re-submit on the website link above, as there are too many ‘scattered’ lists doing the rounds, confusing and procrastinating the corrective active processes that have been put in place.

If you have not registered on the ERPA website yet, you will need to do so now. Also, if you are already registered, but not all your information (name, emails, address, etc.) is auto populated on the Smart Meter Issue form, then you must first go and update your profile at:

My Profile (top Menu)
Open your personal Home tab
Click the blue Update/Edit Profile button

This website link will be the single source of information to address the problem; any other forms or lists may not receive priority (so, make sure that you get onto this list, fast!). There is an automated process at the back-end system that will route your info to key ELM Officials and Councilors, and you will receive an email confirmation, for your record, with reference number and PDF attached.

Electrical Disputes

Be sure to lodge an Electrical Dispute for this failure by ELM, at

Community Chat Migration

You are also urged to join the new ERPA Community Telegram group at, where you can catch-up on all the buzz regarding a distressed and dysfunctional municipality.

NOTE: The previous WhatsApp groups have been closed and you will no longer be able to post messages there. We migrated to the Telegram platform as it is not only far superior in terms of technology and security than WhatsApp, but it also allows up to a maximum of 200,000 members per group, as opposed to the measly limit of only 256 members per WhatsApp group. This will enable us to consolidate all the various groups into one, which will enable critical and emergency alerts are timely communicated and no need to be scattered across many groups, etc. Thank you for your support in this migration process and we apologize for any inconvenience you may experience (but, I promise you that the experience in telegram will not only be very similar to WhatsApp, but far, far better than WhatsApp).

Flourishing Regards

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  1. Wayne

    Purchase made on Monday via power24. Received notice of the loading of credit yesterday 16:33. Still no power. Rcpt. No: 636529

    • Gerhard

      Hi, Wayne, I trust you have already logged your Water Meter issue as suggested in the link above?

      Also, I strongly recommend that you join the ERPA Community chat group, where you will be able to stay abreast of everything happening in this regard.

  2. Therese

    Smart meter buttons dont work anymore cant see balance what now

    • Gerhard

      Hi, Therese, place your comment on the ERPA Community chat group, where you may find many people that might be able to assist you. Copy ‘n paste this link in your browser (or just click the link).

  3. Nadia

    Good day, how do they expect us to live. We loaded electricity through power 24 and it was never loaded so what now? This is not our fault as consumers, why should we suffer?

    • ERPA

      Nadia, we are dealing with ELM at the highest level. How long it will take to sort things out is anyone’s guess, but there is an old saying; How do you eat an elephant? One byte at a time…

  4. Massimiliano

    I am struggling to complete info. We have been without electricity for 3days now, Not getting any assistance from ELM 43 phone calls later and no joy~

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