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The Emfuleni Ratepayers’ Association NPC (ERPA) has launched a petition to call for the President of South Africa to declare Emfuleni a disaster area, on account of the abysmal state of strategic electrical infrastructure that causes residents and business insufferable physical and financial trauma.

Mr Ramaphosa, Declare Emfuleni a Disaster Area, NOW!

This status quo is exponentially exacerbated by the spillage of raw sewerage into streets, homes and into the Vaal river, which is subject to another Petition launched last week. And then we don’t even mention the abysmal state of disrepair of roads, parks, etc., where such is not already maintained by generous residents, at their own cost, nor the total lack of basic services, like refuse removal.

Mr Ramaphosa, Declare Emfuleni a Disaster Area, NOW!

We know that ELM is bankrupt and under provincial administration, and that corruption throughout this public sector is rife. So, the only way that the powers that be will wake up to reality is if Emfuleni is declared as a disaster area, which will hopefully serve to flay open the festering wounds and alert the ‘body’ (government) to its impending demise.

There is just so much pressure citizens can take, before pent-up anger and disgust erupts into civil unrest, and the Emfuleni community has now reached those limits. Please click on the link below and sign the petition at your very earliest convenience, and distribute this message to everyone, far and wide, as this will enable other municipal areas with similar problems to join hands with the Emfuleni plights. Without your support, we can do nothing…

Mr Ramaphosa, Declare Emfuleni a Disaster Area, NOW!

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