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I started my ICT career in 1979 and traversed through probably every sphere in this vast and dynamic industry, from mainframe operations, programming, hardware & software support, consulting, management, you name it. I then decided to specialize in the Project/Program Management profession in 1998, when I joined IBM.

As for my social conscience, I am volunteering my services to the ERPA as Administrator, heading up the Information & Communications Technology, Corporate Affairs and Operations departments. I also built their brand point-of-presence (this website…), which I built in 3 days (starting on Friday, 31 Aug’18) and released it to the Committee for pre-launch testing on Monday, 10 Sep’18. No pressure…

If you are an Emfuleni Ratepayer/Resident, I strongly encourage you to Register as a Subscriber on the ERPA website right away, as there are a host of Apps that you can leverage in your plight against the Emfuleni Local Municipality. And if you need to establish your very own Brand Point-of-Presence in the new digital economy, let me know.

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