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ERPA Awareness Campaigns

If you want to know what ERPA has done and is doing to improve the dismal state of municipal affairs in Emfuleni, Book your seat for the Next Meeting now! You need to know what YOU can do to alleviate your own plight, and how we can assist…

Next Campaign…

The next campaign will be advertised soon.

Attendance Statistics on Past Campaigns

21 February 2019

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StoneHaven on Vaal

19 March 2019

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Three Rivers Lodge

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As an Emfuleni Ratepayer, one of the first contributions you can make, right now, is to register as a Subscriber to this website. In becoming a Subscriber, you will receive a Personal Profile (similar to a 'little' FaceBook) that you can customize as you wish. We need every single Emfuleni Ratepayer and Resident to subscribe, as it will be the first platform where information will be shared. So, become part of the community and start making use of the tools we have created to assist you in your quest for better delivery of municipal services (that is currently all but non-existent...).