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Emfuleni Community Takes Decisive Action

Emfuleni Community Takes Decisive Action

A community in Despair – Decisive Action Now!

Refer to the attached letter (click here: EfC_PowerCrisisCrowdFundCampaign_20200805) that will be distributed nationally and internationally, leveraging every conceivable communication platform to muster up the support necessary for this action.

The Emfuleni for Change (EfC) Intervention Program is setting another benchmark – Action against Criminals. Those who think they can continue to hold the Emfuleni Ratepayers and Residents at ransom for their corruption, ineptitude and gross dereliction of duties, rest unsured; we will leave no stone unturned in bringing you to book – the United Movement for Constitutional Accountability (UMCA) is now officially mobilized… and we are coming for you!

This cause will also support the Emfuleni Intervention Program (that kicked off on 3 July 2020 with a Letter of Intent and Follow-up to the new ELM Administrator, Willy Bhila), which goal it is to rehabilitate strategic municipal assets from its current apocalyptic state – We are teetering on the very edge of an abyss of a TOTAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, from where there will be NO RETURN for what was once the hub of Industry and Heavy Engineering in Africa! We will not allow this to happen. Time for talk is past – That ship has sailed…

Pledge your support to this cause (click here: Donation; every sent counts) and become part of the solution that will see the Mission & Vision fulfilled. Full audited statements will be published on the EfC website monthly.

Thank you for your gracious support, and send the link of this post to everyone you know – Your very existence in this beautiful region depends on it!

PS – If you have not done so already, please sign the Petition (click here: EIIP Petition)

Professor Part of History after COVID-19 RNA Extracted

Professor Part of History after COVID-19 RNA Extracted

COVID-19 RNA Found in Sewage

Prof Anthony Turton, Professor of Environmental Management: Center for Environmental Management at the University of the Free State (UFS) made history in South Africa last week becoming the first to extract COVID-19 RNA from various sewage samples in the country.

Listen to this very interesting 702 interview that includes a valuable synopsis of where we in South Africa find ourselves in the greater scheme of the global pandemic.

Professor part of history after COVID-19 RNA extracted

by Professor Anthony Turton | 702 Interview, June 14, 2020 10:38 PM

Inspiring Sustainable City

Inspiring Sustainable City

The amazing Sustainable City, a housing development in Dubai with 3,500 people already living there and it’s still not quite finished. This truly is a remarkable achievement, a stark lesson to building contractors the world over. It’s not more expensive to build and it’s hugely cheaper and more efficient to live in.

Inspiring sustainable city planning!

Source: Fully Charged

Read more here: The Sustainable City

Smart meter replacement wars: Now residents fight to KEEP them – Sedibeng Ster

Smart meter replacement wars: Now residents fight to KEEP them – Sedibeng Ster

As losses and costs of Emfuleni Local Municipality’s (ELM’s) smart meter replacement strategy escalate to near R20million already only three weeks into a five-month roll-out, residents of Emfuleni suburbs which earlier bitterly resisted their installation now prepare to fight to keep them.The estimated losses – both in lost revenue and escalating power theft and destruction of infrastructure – will never be made up as ELM removes smart meters and replaces with less advanced meters, say independent experts.

Click the link in the Source below for the full story…

Source: Smart meter replacement wars: Now residents fight to KEEP them – Sedibeng Ster