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An ecological disaster has unfolded as raw sewage and industrial pollutants flow into parts of the Vaal River. The South African Human Rights Commission held a formal inquiry into the spillage of toxic effluent into the river last week. Read the submission of Mrs Rosemary Anderson, well-known local business woman, below.

Source: Human Rights Commission inquiry into pollution of the Vaal River | Sedibeng Ster

Hear ye Hear ye, the writing is on the wall. The ANC must stop the Malfeasance and Trillions of Rand can be made available to Grow the Economy… R5billion is a drop in the ocean of what has been squandered. Spread the message and arrest the decline. Jail the thieves and recover the Billions that have been STOLEN!!!!🙇✊🏻✊🏼✊🏾✊🏽🇿🇦

Comment By: Mike Brucher


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