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Follow these steps to register on Emfuleni Ratepayers’ Association (ERPA) if you need help with your SmartMeter problems.

Click the link in the Source below for the full story on the process…

Source: How to Record Smart Meter Issues on the ERPA Website – vaalweekblad


  1. Henriette

    We still have credit on our meter. Should I rather ask for the unit to be bridged now or wait?

    • Gerhard

      Hi, Henriette, this is a very good question.

      You should log your Smart Meter on the ERPA website as soon as possible, because if you run out and ELM has not sorted this fiasco out yet (and it looks like it could take a very long time…), then you will be stranded. So, log yout SM as soon as possible, please!

      Also, another question asked by many is; what happens if I still have credits on the meter when it is bridged out? When the meter is bridged out, current credits will be consumed as if nothing has happened, but when the meter reaches zero, then the meter will continue to supply electricity but it wil start recording negative units. This will continue until the meter issue is resolved, whatever that may be, and then the total negative consumption will be billed to you in one go. So, we advise that you should take photographs of the credits when the meter problem is sorted out, so that you can manually calculate the consumption and check if the ELM billing is correct.

      So, here is the process:

      1. Register as a Subscriber
      a. Click this link:
      b. Here is a short video tutorial:
      2. Log in and go directly to your personal profile page, as you will need to augment your profile with ELM-related information
      a. Click the My Profile menu item
      i. On PC/Laptop, this menu item is visible at the top menu, at the top right of the page
      ii. On Smartphone, click the 3 x hamburger lines at the top right of the page, and scroll down and select My Profile.
      b. Then, click your personal Home tab (this is not the same as the Home page of the main website; this is your personal Home page)
      c. Then, click the blue Update Profile button
      d. Here is a short video tutorial:
      3. Log your Smart Meter issue
      a. Click this link:
      b. Here is a short video tutorial:
      4. You will receive an email confirmation as well as a .pdf attachment of your logged issue. Please call the number in the email message to record your SM incident with MUSS, and provide them with the unique reference number.

      Also, I strongly suggest that you join the ERPA Community group, as this is where all the latest updates happen:

      If you have any further issues, please let me know.

  2. David

    The lunatics that carried out original bridging of my smart meter only bridged the meter with 1,5mm cable so when using full power in the house the cable as installed melted like a fuse so lost all power after phoning our DA representative in Three Rivers a electrician from a private company were called out and installed the correct size cable to enable power to be reestablished to the house I would like to thank Dalene for sorting the problem out on a Sunday Afternoon and the Electrician who was called out to rectify the problem. I would also like to Condem the lunatics that are in charge of Emfuleni Municipality as they have left ground level electrical boxes that supply houses open so that anyone can put their hands inside them inclusive of children and quote if this was done by a private company they would be discharged from the site for breaking normal safety protocalls

    • Gerhard

      Hi, David, thank you for this post.

      ERPA has been fixing these time bombs left by ELM as we systematically install the correct gauge wire (at least 10mm) to all Smart Meters. All the Electrical Volunteers that have engaged under ERPA are fully certified and, according to SANS 10142-2 regulations, it is an offence for a certified Electrical practitioner to leave an unsafe installation without making it safe first.

      If anyone else has a similar story to tell, please report it on the ERPA Community Group immediately:, as this is the quickest way this fiasco can be sorted out (by ERPA, as ELM is non-responsive at best, and at worst they actually respond and “fix” your meters into oblivion…).

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