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Have you received an ELM “Warning Notice”? If you have, please do not ignore it!

Print hard-copies of all your PDF disputes, which was emailed to you (if you made use of the electronic dispute forms on the ERPA website, at Then take all the documents to the ELM Accounts Department, which will allegedly be back in operation at the OK building from Monday 24 June 2019.

ELM cannot cut your power as this will be in contravention with section 102(2), which prevents any credit control actions from being implemented while there is a legal dispute lodged.

But of course, everyone knows this, as it is quoted on every dispute form as well as on the warning notice you received from ELM (see yellow highlighted text in the featured image).

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    I followed your notice from your website, date Jun 21, 2019.
    I have made effort to visit the municipal offices, started at the accounts department, where this person does not have a clue of ERPA forms submitted, He then sent me to main building, starting from one office to the other from one person to the other, whereby I have not made any progress.
    The got to the offices of waste, referring to Ronel Kruger, I had a discussion with her about my disputes and the following comments were made.
    The ERPA dispute form is not a legal form for disputing to Emfuleni.
    The other comments I received is that I am Liable for the fees I disputed as it is LAW and has to be paid, even if I do not receive any services, they cannot do anything for me and has nothing further to say.
    As of my last statement from emfuleni, they have charged, interest as well as warning notice fees added to my account.

    • Gerhard

      Hi, Quinton, I have read your comment with interest and sympathize with your ordeal, as so many other Residents/Ratepayers can also attest to. However, allow me to state the facts:

      1) ELM does NOT have a Dispute Resolution Committee, and therefore their Accounts department (and every other ELM department, for that matter) will have absolutely no clue what the Dispute forms are all about. And until they do jack up their act to comply with their own laws, they will forever be like chickens without heads. Therefore, they will resist and push-back as hard as they can, because we are exposing them big time, and they detest it.
      2) ERPA created the Dispute forms and processes to protect you, the Ratepayer, according to the laws; a) Municipal Systems Act No.32 of 2000 and regulations b) Emfuleni Municipal Bylaws – Credit Control & Debt Collection Customer Care of 2018 – 2019. We incorporated the relevant sections of these laws as part of the Dispute process, which each submitter (like you) attest to the fact that you have read and understood these laws, as it pertains to the dispute process. These laws clearly states that it is your right to withhold the portion of the services that you are disputing. But let me make it very clear, you have to pay your full account LESS the disputed amount; for example, if you total bill was R3500.00, then you have to pay R3,292.99 (i.e. LESS R207.01 for refuse, if that is the service you disputed). The proof of this you also upload as part of the dispute, so no-one is in any doubt whatsoever.
      4) Therefore, for as long as you have a dispute logged via the ERPA website, that ELM has not resolved, the law clearly states that ELM cannot penalize you by discontinuing your services. We have a legal letter that was submitted to ELM that threatens class action suit against ELM if they do terminate services while there are open disputes on record. So, let us know immediately if you fall victim in this regard.
      5) Each dispute that is submitted from the ERPA website (when you hit the Submit button), is automatically emailed to the following respondents:
      and copy to

      If you have any hassles from ELM, rather put it in email to ERPA at, so that we can build a paper-trial record of the issue.

      Please continue to submit disputes for services not delivered by ELM every month. We (and here I mean not only ERPA) are building serious momentum in turning the tide around, but it will take time.

      By the way, you can also dispute any interest and other fees related to your disputes.

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