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Electronic Dispute Apps

These Dispute Apps targets the ELM Basic Service Delivery, and nothing else. For example, you cannot use these Apps for disputing your property tax, for example. It is used solely for disputing the basic service (e.g. Refuse Collection, Electricity Supply, Water and Sewerage). If you experience a repeated issue with the delivery (or non-delivery) of any of the basic services provided by the ELM, then you may use this dispute process on a monthly basis, until the service is restored.

Also, if you are a Landlord, with multiple properties, unless you have a separate ELM Account number for each property, you can still only submit a dispute once, for each of the services below, per account number, per month. For Landlords, that have more than one ELM account number, it is advisable to subscribe to this website with a different Username and email address (use Gmail to create free email accounts) for each ELM account.

Please make sure that you read the legislation applicable to these services first, as you will be required to confirm that you have done so in each form. And use this process responsibly, please.

Each Dispute you submit will automatically be sent via email to a number of ELM Officials, a copy to the ERPA Admin (for the record) and, of course, to you.

Here is a short video that will show you how to register via Smartphone (PC/Laptop is a lot simpler): ERPA Dispute Process

Disclaimer: These Apps are purely for your own use, and ERPA will not be liable for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of using these Apps in any way whatsoever. Nor will ERPA be in any position to support you in the use or application of these Apps, as it is purely a matter between you and ELM.


Submission of a Dispute in respect of Refuse Removal Services performed by the ELM


Submission of a Dispute in respect of Electricity Supply Services performed by the ELM


Submission of a Dispute in respect of Sewage Supply Services performed by the ELM


Submission of a Dispute in respect of Water Supply Services performed by the ELM

Other Apps

From time to time we receive requests from members to assist them with certain processes, which lead to the creation of these Apps. Use them at your discretion.

Disclaimer: ERPA will not be liable for any damages you may suffer as a result of your usage of these Apps, and you hereby indemnify ERPA of any liability in this regard. Nor will ERPA be in any position to support you in the use or application of these Apps, as it is purely a matter between you and the specific service provider.

Smart Meter App

This App was developed to assist authorized ERPA Members with reporting issues ans status regarding the Smart Meter saga that erupted in early August 2019.

You may use this App on either your Smartphone or PC, and if you use your Smartphone, you can take a picture of your Smart Meter credit, or is you use your Laptop, you can upload your Smart Meter credit photo.

Incident Reporting App – Beta Release

This App was developed to assist authorized ERPA Members in recording incidents ‘on the ground’ or ‘on the spot’, as they happen, or as you come across them (e.g. burst water pipe, illegal dumping, etc.).

The App is intended to be used on your Smartphone and will ring-fence incidents ONLY in the Emfuleni Area by automatically recording the geolocation data where the incident is being recorded. It will also give you the option to take up to 3 photographs with your Smartphone, which will be uploaded together with all the other info you supplied.

This is a beta-release, for selected testing purposes only, so, please report any issues to

Request to Email ELM Account App

You may use this App to send a request to ELM for them to send your ELM invoices/statements to you via email.

Electronic Liability Claim App

This App was created to assist you with processing insurance claims, due to damage that you may have incurred through non-delivery of ELM services (e.g. rim-damage resulting from hitting a pothole, etc.). Once you submit the form, a copy will be emailed only to you, which you may print and add to your insurance claim.

Downloadable Forms

These forms are available for those who prefer to follow a manual process (very laborious, so, not advisable). You can download these forms (in .pdf format), follow the instructions and fill them in. Additional forms may be added to this section from time to time, which you may use at your own risk.

Pensioners Rebate

Submission of an ELM Pensioner’s Rebate form. Once filled in, you will need to hand it in personally at Room 30, First Floor, OK Building, Kruger Street.

Liability Claim

Submission of a Claim for damage to, e.g. your vehicle rim/s due to hitting a pothole. NOTE: This is NOT an ELM claim process; you can just use this form to submit a claim to your personal insurance company.