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Signs of the Times

The collective pressure over the past years, and especially over the past few months (and the work done on the back of Waves 1 and 2 of the Community Intervention Program), have culminated into a 2-hour no-holds-barred marathon meeting at our offices on Friday, 21 August 2020.

The Delegation

From Emfuleni for Change (EfC), the meeting was attended by CEO, Gerhard Janse van Rensburg and EfC Board Members Jaco Verwey (GTCoC and EfC Chairperson), Klippies Kritzinger (GTCoC), Kobus Janse van Rensburg (ERPA), Mike Woodroffe, substituting for Rosemary Anderson (SW5AG), Prince Skele (NAFCOC Sedibeng) and Frans Swanepoel, substituting for Kevin Jackson (VBC), with apologies from Riaan van der Merwe (P3R) and William Mphuting (SDC).

The delegation from ELM included the Executive Mayor, Cllr Rev Gift Moerane and his Advisor, Mulungisi Hlongwane, the Representative of the Administrator, Silas Zimu, the Municipal Manager, Lucky Leseane, the ED of Public Works, Rofilwe Mokgosi, Metso-a-Lekoa’s Madoda Besani, and a few others.

Setting the Stage for Change

This time, the usual ‘smoke and mirrors’ gave way to pro-active and constructive collaboration, where it was resolved for small, specialist Task Teams to be established tasked to craft initial strategies for Rapid Change in Municipal Service Delivery, which will then be socialized with the wider Emfuleni Community as we make progress.

Mulungisi Hlongwane and Gerhard Janse van Rensburg was tasked to establish the structure and communication strategy for these Teams.

The Task Teams (one for each Strategic Asset Stream, initially focusing on Electrical and Water & Sanitation) will be represented by two suitably qualified and experienced individuals representing EfC and two top officials in these capacities from ELM, which purpose it will be to lay the foundation for immediate- (crises management), short-, medium- and long term plans, will be finalized on Monday, 24 August 2020 and will immediately spring into action.

It was further resolved that a follow-up meeting be convened (on 10 September 2020) to review progress.

A Tsunami of Positive Change

Wave 1 (launched on 3 July) and Wave 2 (launched on 07 August) of the Community Intervention Program (CIP) has had a surprising effect – What started out as a somewhat covert onslaught by the community towards positive change has now turned into what promises to be an overt unified collaborative initiative in support of the CIP – Exceeding our wildest expectations!

Could this really be the start of of the New Emfuleni, or is it just more smoke and mirrors from a dysfunctional ELM? Could this really be the first large-scale collaborative attempt by the Private- and Public Sector promising to work together towards a better future for all it’s citizens, and the first of its kind to heed the call by President Ciryl Ramaphosa for local councils to reach out to the private sector?

EfC and its membership remains cautiously optimistic…

Launch of Wave 3

This meeting (and how is this for timing!) may just set the tone for a subtle change in the ‘angle of approach’ of our marketing and awareness campaigns to be launched.

Wave 3 of the CIP kicked off this week, with a Grand Slam broadcasting initiative launched through local radio broadcaster, 90.6, with daily interviews dedicated to EfC and the plight of the Community. The program is set as follows (so, draw your radio close):

  • Monday, 24 August at 09:00 – Interview with EfC
  • Tuesday, 25 August at 11:00 – Interview with EfC
  • Wednesday, 26 August from 09:00 – Outside Broadcasting event with telephonic interviews with all EfC Members. We will also visit two locations during the day, so, keep an ear to the radio
  • Thursday, 27 August at 14:00 – Interview with EfC
  • Friday, 28 August at 08:30 – Interview with EfC. Note that this Friday slot will be dedicated to an EfC interview for the foreseeable future (which has already commenced on 14 August)

We would like to extend our thanks to the Management and Team of 90.6 for their support and faith in the CIP.

Good progress was also made in forging associations with national and international enterprises in terms of garnering support for the CIP, and we will continue down this avenue until the SPV model has been replicated throughout South Africa. We have spent 12 months in building the foundation of a replicable model that got us to where we are today, and other municipal areas can leverage this model and be up-and-running within 2 to 3 weeks (rather than trying to reinvent the wheel…).

Our Collective Mission

Repeated here from our Home Page for your convenience, the two Prime Directives are:

  • Emfuleni Community Intervention Program (CIP)
  • Community Projects in Support of the CIP

What is the CIP? It is the ‘peg in the ground’, the final act in the very survival of our community, where we, as the law-abiding, tax-paying citizens, represented by EfC and its members, have taken a stand against the Corruption, Ineptitude and Gross Dereliction of Duties by Civil Servants at every level…

Wave One – Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of the apocalyptic nature of Strategic Municipal Assets, including, but not limited to, Electricity, Water & Sanitation, Roads Infrastructure and Waste Management.
The First Wave will wash away the most obvious ‘hot spots’ (crises management) in its path, but subsequent Ripples will ensure that we align the infrastructure with global best practice, including the adoption of new, disruptive technologies like sustainable, renewable energy, etc. Check out our Notable Research page for a glimpse into the future.

Wave Two – Re-purposing

Re-purposing of Resources (including People), Policy and Process to restore municipal Service Delivery to Global Best Practice.
The Second Wave will wipe the slate clean (of corruption, ineptitude and dereliction of duties), followed by many Ripples that will see the return of world-class service delivery in Emfuleni.

Wave Three – Restitution

Restitution of our Rights as Law-abiding, Tax-paying Citizens to Prosperity and Happiness.
The Third Wave will be a massive awareness campaign that will Wake Up and Call every one of the 250,000-odd households in Emfuleni to Action in support for the CIP.

The Emfuleni for Change (EfC) Structure

For clarity, and to rule out any misunderstanding about who and what EfC is – EfC was conceived in August of 2019, as a brain-child of the Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce (GTCoC), to serve as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to form an umbrella for a coalition of organisations, both Business- and Community- centric, in order to drive the Collective Mission above.

EfC therefore does not form part of any organisation, but it stands alone, supported by its Members, of which there are two classes:

  • Full Members – These are a finite group of initial stakeholders that form the EfC Board of Directors
  • Associated Members – Any registered business entity in good standing desirous to support the EfC Mission and Vision, and contributing in cash or in kind.

The Full Members are:

  • Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce (GTCoC)
  • Emfuleni Ratepayers’ Association (ERPA)
  • Proudly Three Rivers (P3R)
  • SW5 Action Group (SW5AG)
  • NAFCOC Sedibeng (NAFCOC)
  • Sedibeng Business Chamber (SBC)
  • Vereeniging Business Corporation (VBC)

Associate members can join by filling out the Application Form on the EfC Website, at:

PS – If you have not done so already, please sign the Petition (click here: EIIP Petition).