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ELM Asset Seizure

Eskom has confiscated goods worth over 630 million rand belonging to the Emfuleni Municipality for failing to pay debt owed to the power utility. These included dozens of cars among others. #sabcnews

This on the back of an article placed by Vaal Weekblad on 27 February – ELM faces R615-million property seizure after another Eskom non-payment.

Read the same story on Fin24 Watch: Municipal cars, furniture seized as Eskom tries to recover money

Here is the official communique from ELM: Emfuleni Local Municipality Responds to Seizure of Assets by the Sheriff of the Court

Here is a Media Statement by ELM (with specific reference to the purported electricity rate increase last year to offset the debt owing to Eskom on Page 2): Page 1 | Page 2

Here is the official position of ERPA and GTCoC on the ELM Media Statement: Fact vs Fiction

And, for the record, the very same Large Power Users (LPUs) mentioned in the ELM Media Statement above (Page 2) successfully contested the proposed increase by ELM – Read the Court Ruling here: Court Order

ERPA is in full support of the stance taken by LPUs – There is no justification for a R2.3 billion deficit, due to maladministration, mismanagement and corruption, to be recovered from Ratepayers. Absolutely Not! It is high time to turn the tide.



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