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The ERPA website is continually being maintained with a view to improve the End-user experience and to bring in new functionality and tools, to assist you, the Ratepayer and Resident of Emfuleni, in our collective plight against a distressed and dysfunctional municipality.

To this end, we are pleased to announce the following changes:


In our quest to provide a cleaner, shorter and more user friendly experience, especially on the Registration page, we made a few changes that will simplify the process significantly – We have taken the Address (driven by the geo-location widget) and About Me fields out and moved them to the Update Profile page.

Here is a short video tutorial on the new, shortened Registration Process:

However, this change will now enable anyone in the world to register, as the validation process that ‘ring-fences’ Emfuleni Ratepayers/Residents have now been dropped.

Update Profile

We have now transferred the ‘burden’ of proving yourself to be a genuine Emfuleni Ratepayer/Resident to your personal Update Profile pages, which process now adds additional validation and authentication rules.

Here is a video tutorial on the Update Profile process:

NOTE: In order for you to be able to use any of the Emfuleni-specific Apps (also called forms, like Disputes, Smart Meter issues, etc.), you will need to update your profile first (if you have not done so already), as these Apps will now require only validated data from real Emfuleni Ratepayers/Residents.

In order to protect these Apps from abuse by non-Emfuleni Subscribers, validated user data (from your updated profile) is now protected (i.e. read-only), and if there are any gaps, or if your profile information has changed since you registered, you will not be able to submit the App (or Form) unless you have updated your profile

Here is a short video tutorial on how to submit your Smart Meter issue:

We hope you will appreciate the reason for these changes and thank you for your patience.

PS – If you use a Smartphone to access the website, please note that there have been reports of certain older devices that have compatibility issues with some of the modern functionality incorporated into the website. Some of these devices are:

  • Samsung S8
  • Huawei Y5

If you experience problems with any of the Apps using your smartphone, it is advisable to use a PC or Laptop to submit the App, and then you may continue to user your smartphone to traverse the rest of the website.

PPS – If you have not yet done so, please join the new ERPA Community group at

Flourishing Regards

The Emfuleni Ratepayers’ Association Team

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