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Annual General Meeting

Book your seat for the ERPA Annual General Meeting now! Seats are limited, so don’t delay (you have to be logged in on the website):

Where: StoneHaven on Vaal
Date/Time: 29 August 2019, 18:00 for 18:30 to 19:30

Please note that this is a Closed Meeting, reserved only for registered subscribers to the ERPA website.


  1. Welcome and Opening
  2. Introducing the ERPA Management Committee
  3. Financial Report
  4. Operational Report
  5. General
    1. The Emfuleni for Change (EfC) initiative
    2. ERPA Membership Agreement
    3. Incident Reporting App
    4. Applications for new Management Committee Members
  6. Closing

Please, we need you to support us, so that we can support you. The recent Public Meetings surrounding the Smart Meter fiasco made it clear that the Community should be represented on any and every decision that is made by ELM, but in order to get our foot in the door, we need you your buy-in.

So, please attend this AGM and be informed about whats happening, and also give us your mandate to act in your interest by adding your vote here (we already have 300 votes, so help making this count by adding your vote, please):

Flourishing Regards


  1. Jacobus

    Smart Meter spreadsheet of relays that ERPA has bridged and the number of relays that ERPA had to redo due to ELM’s tampering with incorrect wire gauge needs to be communicated

  2. Jacobus

    Disclose the threats that ELM made when ERPA requested to assist with the bypassing of meters for ratepayers that had been without power for days

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