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Wave 2 of the Community Intervention Program – Action against Offenders!

Wave 2 of the Community Intervention Program – Action against Offenders!

Exposing the Root Cause of Corruption, Ineptitude and Gross Dereliction of Duties!

Refer to the attached letter to the ELM Administrator, Mr. Willy Bhila (click here: EfC_ELM-Administrator_20200807) that was distributed earlier this morning.

The Emfuleni for Change (EfC) Intervention Program has now launched the Second Wave of the Community Intervention Program; a holistic campaign to redress the following:

  1. Rehabilitation – Of the Apocalyptic state of Strategic Assets, including Electricity, Water & Sanitation and Roads, among others (this is Wave One, which was launched on 3 July, with the Electrical Infrastructure Intervention Program)
  2. Re-purposing – Of people and process to restore effective service delivery to Ratepayers & Residents (this Wave Two will pave the way for this initiative)
  3. Restitution – Taking back Our Rights to prosperity and happiness, as law-abiding, tax-paying citizens! (Wave Three will be launched in due course, so, watch this space)

We are making progress, albeit slower than anticipated, but no matter how many attempts by Civil Servants to procrastinate our prowess, we are making some serious inroads. We will update you on progress via a massive Awareness Campaign (Wave Three of the Intervention program), which we plan to commence rolling out towards the end of August 2020.

Stay tuned and Thank You to those that have already contributed to our Fund-raising Campaign launched on Tuesday ,04 August 2020. Your contributions will determine how rapidly we will be able to restore Emfuleni to its former glory as the Hub of Industry and Heavy Engineering in Africa.

PS – If you have not done so already, please sign the Petition (click here: EIIP Petition).

A New Dawn Is Breaking Over Emfuleni

A New Dawn Is Breaking Over Emfuleni

The Emfuleni Electrical Infrastructure Intervention Program (EIIP)

Emfuleni for Change NPC (EfC), in a coalition of Business- and Community organizations (including ERPA) have embarked on this Intervention Program to take control of maintenance and support of strategic municipal assets, starting with Power, and when stabilized, Water & Sanitation (which is now at a standstill after two attempts by national and provincial government…) and Roads Infrastructure.

Read the full story here:, where you can download the Letter of Intent that was sent to the new ELM Administrator, Mr. Willy Bhila (and other dignitaries) on Friday 3 July 2020, and we urge you to also sign the Petition to throw your support behind this groundbreaking event (link at the bottom of the EfC post).

This is it! The Peg is in the Ground, and there’s no turning back now. We are gatvol and will take control, before the local government completely destroys us with their corruption, lack of management and gross dereliction of duty.

We need everyone to distribute the EfC post to as many of your friends, family and contacts, and keep an eye on the Vaal Weekblad tomorrow (7 July 2020) for coverage of the story.

Source: Emfuleni for Change NPC


Exodus of a Different Kind – Seizure!

Exodus of a Different Kind – Seizure!

ELM Asset Seizure

Eskom has confiscated goods worth over 630 million rand belonging to the Emfuleni Municipality for failing to pay debt owed to the power utility. These included dozens of cars among others. #sabcnews

This on the back of an article placed by Vaal Weekblad on 27 February – ELM faces R615-million property seizure after another Eskom non-payment.

Read the same story on Fin24 Watch: Municipal cars, furniture seized as Eskom tries to recover money

Here is the official communique from ELM: Emfuleni Local Municipality Responds to Seizure of Assets by the Sheriff of the Court

Here is a Media Statement by ELM (with specific reference to the purported electricity rate increase last year to offset the debt owing to Eskom on Page 2): Page 1 | Page 2

Here is the official position of ERPA and GTCoC on the ELM Media Statement: Fact vs Fiction

And, for the record, the very same Large Power Users (LPUs) mentioned in the ELM Media Statement above (Page 2) successfully contested the proposed increase by ELM – Read the Court Ruling here: Court Order

ERPA is in full support of the stance taken by LPUs – There is no justification for a R2.3 billion deficit, due to maladministration, mismanagement and corruption, to be recovered from Ratepayers. Absolutely Not! It is high time to turn the tide.


Smart Meter Emergency!

Smart Meter Emergency!


Everyone experiencing electricity interruption (again…) due to the Smart Meter contract mismanagement issue, please log your issue on the ERPA website at:

ELM Terminates Smart Meter Contract

See the formal notice here: ELM Notice 2019-08-09

This resulted in the Service Provider stopping all further support, which, again, drops the ball squarely in the laps of innocent victims – You, the law-abiding, tax-paying Ratepayer/Resident of Emfuleni!!!

Yet another example of how people in power can mess with people’s lives through irresponsible acts of downright mismanagement!

If you have not already done so, go and sign the Petition NOW! We cannot allow this to continue!

Mr. Nkoane, we hold you Accountable for the Smart Meter Debacle that left Thousands without Power!

Let’s take these executives to task… Send this link to as many people as you can, and don’t be shy, send it to your family on Mars as well – The whole world needs to know!

Flourishing Regards

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Emfuleni Ratepayers’ Association NPC

Petition – Mr. Nkoane, we hold you Accountable for the Smart Meter Debacle that left Thousands without Power!

Petition – Mr. Nkoane, we hold you Accountable for the Smart Meter Debacle that left Thousands without Power!

Whether you were implicated by the recent Smart Meter issue in Emfuleni or not, head over to the Petition Page and cast your vote.

It is time that we, the law-abiding, tax-paying, community start holding senior executives accountable for their deeds (or lack thereof) resulting in stress, damage, loss or injury to innocent tax payers.

Add you voice to the countless hordes suffering at the hands of the few! Click the Sign and Sign!

Smart Meter Emergency!

Smart Meter Emergency!


Everyone experiencing electricity interruption due to the Smart Meter issue, please log your issue on the ERPA website at:

Problem Statement & Corrective Action

The problem with the Smart Meters came about (allegedly) because ELM has not paid the Smart Meter Service Provider, resulting in the Service Provider terminating its contract with ELM. This had the knock-on effect that the Smart Meters cannot be credited with kWh you purchase.

The (temporary) resolution is for authorized electrical Service Providers, supervised by ELM, to visit each meter in order to implement a temporary ‘fix’ to restore your electrical supply, until another Smart Meter Service Provider is in place. These electrical SPs will only work from the list resulting from the form above, so be sure to log your issue even if you have logged it with someone else before.

Smart Meter Form

This form (link posted at the top of this message) is the central database for all Smart Meter issues. If you have already submitted your info to the Councilors (or anyone else, for that matter), please re-submit on the website link above, as there are too many ‘scattered’ lists doing the rounds, confusing and procrastinating the corrective active processes that have been put in place.

If you have not registered on the ERPA website yet, you will need to do so now. Also, if you are already registered, but not all your information (name, emails, address, etc.) is auto populated on the Smart Meter Issue form, then you must first go and update your profile at:

My Profile (top Menu)
Open your personal Home tab
Click the blue Update/Edit Profile button

This website link will be the single source of information to address the problem; any other forms or lists may not receive priority (so, make sure that you get onto this list, fast!). There is an automated process at the back-end system that will route your info to key ELM Officials and Councilors, and you will receive an email confirmation, for your record, with reference number and PDF attached.

Electrical Disputes

Be sure to lodge an Electrical Dispute for this failure by ELM, at

Community Chat Migration

You are also urged to join the new ERPA Community Telegram group at, where you can catch-up on all the buzz regarding a distressed and dysfunctional municipality.

NOTE: The previous WhatsApp groups have been closed and you will no longer be able to post messages there. We migrated to the Telegram platform as it is not only far superior in terms of technology and security than WhatsApp, but it also allows up to a maximum of 200,000 members per group, as opposed to the measly limit of only 256 members per WhatsApp group. This will enable us to consolidate all the various groups into one, which will enable critical and emergency alerts are timely communicated and no need to be scattered across many groups, etc. Thank you for your support in this migration process and we apologize for any inconvenience you may experience (but, I promise you that the experience in telegram will not only be very similar to WhatsApp, but far, far better than WhatsApp).

Flourishing Regards

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Emfuleni Ratepayers’ Association NPC