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The Emfuleni/Vaal River Catastrophe

>> Could this be the Promise we are waiting for?

On 7 September 2018 the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA) and Business met to address the issue of distressed and dysfunctional municipalities, with specific emphasis on the Emfuleni Local Municpalty (ELM) that was catapulted into orbit by media coverage of raw sewerage spillage into the Vaal River, due to broken sewerage plants.

The honourable Minister Dr. Zweli Mkhize, accompanied by Deputy Minister Andries Nel, in meeting with the business chambers of the Sedibeng region, Gauteng, including the Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce (GTCoC), Sedibeng Business Chamber and NAFCOC, discussed the state of municipalities and the role of business and communities in facilitating the turnaround of these municipalities.

Herewith the closing statement of the Honourable Minister, Dr. Mkhize:

#COGTAMeetsBusiness #CogtaGauteng

Enough is Enough!

How long can we tolerate the mountains of refuse that piles up in front of our yards? How long must we suffer the consequences of raw sewerage pollution of our River? How long must we stand by and watch the gradual destruction of our once flourishing community?

Could this really be a sign that the tide is finally turning?  We would like to believe so!

Keep calm, there is light at the end of the tunnel, but a significant amount of work is now ahead of us, and we need EVERYONE to do their part, and the first task is to calm down. Let us not destroy this golden opportunity to fix the problems that have been plaguing us for so long by irrational and emotional outbursts. Let us now hold hands and forge into the new era. Register as a subscriber on this website and cast your Vote in support of ERPA and Business to be your Change Agent towards a flourishing community, better than it once was.

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