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Arrogance Galore!!! 

Illegal dumping has become common practice, in an area where the local council is completely dysfunctional and, quite frankly, just don’t give a damn.

This prime example of a company dumping refuse in an area not designated for dumping waste (Mario Milani Drive) underscores the blatant disregard for the environment and other people’s rights. So, if you are one of those residents paying these guys to remove your refuse, you are as much guilty of this criminal offence as these perpetrators that you hired. Ponder on that, dear friend, and may you come to your senses. Someone thrives off the despicable act of getting you to pay them for making your problem someone else’s problem – Well done!

If you spot this company operating in your vicinity, note the address of the idiot that funds this practice and allowing it to flourish, and let them know that you know that they are aiding and abetting these criminals.

ERPA has gone out of its way to do some basic screening of 3rd party Waste removal & Processing companies, that deal with waste removal in a responsible, lawful and environmentally friendly manner (listed here Poll #2), and encourages you to do the responsible thing. Stop using these so-called “R5 a bag” guys, as they simply take your trash and make it someone else’ problem.

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