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The Ultimate Course in Creating Your Very Own

Brand Point-of-Presence

In the Digital Economy

For Complete Newbies & Serious Entrepreneurs

Soooo much more than a mere Website!

A 7-Day Classroom-Based Course

Everyone needs a Brand, whether you want to/like it or not. It is a simple reality in the new digital economy

Whether you have a business or not, using any of the 30-odd social media platforms (e.g. FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) or not, you still need to establish your BRAND. Business people understand the importance of branding, so no need to elaborate here; this site is definitely for you. However, branding is no longer the exclusive reserve of big-budget blue-chips; in the digital economy, you, as an individual entrepreneur, need to get to grips with this new reality and establish your personal Brand Point-of-Presence (B-PoP).

Here’s what you get…

A future-proof web-presence, with an unlimited number of individual websites to support future growth, where you are in full control of its architecture, design, installation, configuration and maintenance. Truly Master of your Own Destiny!

This course covers the entire spectrum of establishing a web-presence in the digital economy, and takes you by the hand in short, digestible step-by-step lectures through the entire process.

The 28 Modules, each containing an average of 4 lectures, covers the following key performance areas:


If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right from the start! A solid architectural design is the key for rapid business evolution – We follow the guidelines prescribed by TOGAF


The Importance of a Name and the need for Vertical- and Horizontal growth


Selecting the right Web Host Service Provider


The Content Management Solution – Creating a Future-proof foundation


Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Migration (when, not if, you need to migrate your online business)


A holistic security solution that protects the entire infrastructure against malware, spam, hacking, bots and much more


Search Engine Optimization and Cashing – The Need for Speed; within the site, on the server and externally


If you cannot see it, you cannot measure it, and if you cannot measure it, you are driving blind


Email, End-user support and basic marketing infrastructure


Page Creation – The Artists’ Pallet. The essential page templates, ready to be customized by you


The importance of a solid Pre-launch marketing campaign. And gearing for Post Launch marketing strategies

Best Practise

Integrity & Vulnerability Checking of all infrastructure components

And More...

Enhanced Editing, URL Management (link cloaking) Automation and Globalization (on-the-fly translation and currency conversion)

But, I’m no Techno-Geek, I won’t understand any of it!!!

Don’t panic!

This course was designed with YOU in mind – If you can switch your laptop on and have a moderate working knowledge of a word processor like Microsoft Word, then you are good to go. And most anyone can connect to the internet (via a dongle or WiFi) and use a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, etc.) to ‘surf the web’.

If you fall into this category, most of the stuff will probably go right over your head 😕 , but that’s totally OK 😆 – The purpose of this course is to familiarize you with the environment and to give you an understanding of the purpose of each of the individual components; essential to instill a sense of trust in you (and you will then fully understand why the ‘free website in under an hour’ stuff out there is just so much BS). You will be guided trough the installation and configuration of things and that’s it; you will not have to touch 90% of it again – The only stuff you will need to concern yourself with is how to maintain the content of your pages and how to add/delete pages.

However, the quality, depth and breadth of this course will also serve even the Techno Geeks!

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