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Draft Annual ELM Budget for Financial Year 2021/2022

Political Narrative

The Democratic Alliance together with the Economic Freedom Fighters and the Freedom Front + have resolutely distanced themselves from this Draft Annual Budget for 2021/2022 during a Section 80 Finance and Revenue Committee Meeting held on 25 March.

This Draft Annual Budget for 2021/2022 needs to be addressed during the up and coming IDP Meetings. Communities must assist that Emfuleni gets the message that the tariffs in the Draft Annual Budget should NOT be increased but rather that expenditures should be reduced. Unfortunately experience has taught us that very few residents bother to attend these meetings. This is the only opportunity that ratepayers have to provide input on the way the municipality is going.

To increase tariffs and let residents and businesses suffer with increased tariffs, in these very difficult financial times is criminal. It is not going to safe the sinking ship. We need a Municipality that is willing and able to bring the much needed change. It is time that ELM Top Management and the municipal employees should realize that their salaries are being paid by the taxpayers. We therefore have the right to demand better service delivery and reasonable tariffs.

It seems that a lot of people at ELM only care about themselves. In the process they are slowly but surely strangling the goose (ratepayers) that lays the golden eggs.

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