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3rd Party Refuse Removal Service Providers

Would you be interested to make use of any of these suggested Refuse Service Providers?

Voluntary Refuse Removal Service Providers (SPs): 

We wish to re-emphasize that ERPA is not associated with, nor do we endorse any of these SPs; we simply felt it was appropriate to do a preliminary high-level screen in order to ensure that they conform to minimum legal requirements (i.e. lawful equipment, no illegal dumping, etc.). This in order to stop the so called “R5 per Bag Guys” that take your garbage and simply transfer the problem by dumping it in someone else’s area.

It is the Ratepayer and Resident’s own prerogative to interact with these Service Providers directly, if you so wish. These SPs have indicated that their rate will not be more than the rate that ELM is charging you.

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