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ERPA Mandate

The Emfuleni Ratepayers’ Association NPC (ERPA) requires a mandate from you in order to address the burning issues surrounding the non-delivery of critical services by a distressed and dysfunctional municipality, and to implement measures for continuous improvement of these services and infrastructure for the future. We are all volunteers; ratepayers just like you, and no-one will ever be remunerated for giving of their personal time and effort whilst serving as a member of the ERPA Committee. Most of us also have regular day-jobs or businesses to run, but we are individuals driven to making a difference in the dismal state of affairs in our municipal enterprise.

If you believe that the ERPA should step in and act on your behalf to ensure municipal service providers are fit and proper to carry out the services for which we are all paying, and to ensure full accountability and transparency in the application of our municipal rates and taxes, please give us a Yes vote in Poll Booth #1 now.

PS In order to carry out this mandate, we need at least 51% of Emfuleni Ratepayers to vote Yes, so, please help us to help you by spreading this message to all your neighbors, friends and family, so that we can restore our environment to its former glory as soon as possible. There are approximately 253,488 Households, so, quite a road to walk still. Please do your bit in making this dream a reality.

Flourishing Regards

Poll Booth #1

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Thank you for your support.

The Emfuleni Ratepayers' Association Team

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