Mr. Nkoane, we hold you Accountable for the Smart Meter Debacle that left Thousands without Power!

Smart Meters!? Alas, not so smart…

Yet another demonstration of gross mismanagement. When the smart meter service provider finally decided to take strong-arm tactics against ELM by terminating the contract, thousands of innocent community members were effectively ‘left in the dark’. Literally!

So, if you were not among the lucky ones that had plenty of kWh units still on your meter when the contract was terminated, you simply got switched off when your credits ran out, irrespective of how many units you purchased; you remained ‘powerless’… with no means to wash and with thawing perishables rotting while you looked on helplessly.

Thank you, Mr. Nkoane, for holding your constituency at ransom for your mess, which could have been so easily prevented.

And then you released this communique on Tuesday, 9 July 2019:


Here is a full account on the history between ELM and the Smart Meter Service Provider, BXC.

Read the story here: What lies behind the problems with SmartMeters?

And Then it Happened Again!!!

In less than 4 weeks, and 2 days before a long weekend, ELM does it again!

Read the story here: Smart Meter Emergency – Again!!!

Sorry, apology NOT accepted!!!

Apparently, It is not enough that refuse is piling up for weeks on end (sometime for months), culminating into illegal dumping anywhere and everywhere…

It is also not enough that decades of neglect and mismanagement has led to catastrophic failures in roads, sewage (with millions of liters of stinking raw sewerage flowing through private dwellings, buildings, streets and into the Vaal River daily), and electrical infrastructure (with electrical substations now exploding at the rate of about one per month)…

No, Mr. Nkoane, enough is enough already!

The Ratepayers and Residents of Emfuleni hold you personally accountable for the indisputable mismanagement of the smart meter contract, that caused incalculable stress and damage within your law abiding, tax-paying constituency.

As a collective, the Emfuleni Community aim to exercise our rights to the fullest extent of the law, and by submitting my signature to this petition, I pledge my support to this cause.

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Smart Meter Issue

Smart Meter?! Alas, not so Smart…

Mr. Nkoane, we hold you personally accountable for the mismanagement of the smart meter contract, that left innocent, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens without electricity for days on end, TWICE in 4 weeks!

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We, the Ratepayers and Residents of Emfuleni, are fed-up of being held at ransom for the ineptitude of a dysfunctional local municipality. We pledge to hold senior officials of local government entities accountable for their actions.
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