Mr Ramaphosa, Declare Emfuleni a Disaster Area, NOW!

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Mr Ramaphosa, Declare Emfuleni a Disaster Area, NOW!

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Yet another Substation explosion, now averaging about one substation explosion per month – A steadily increasing state of despair for citizens and businesses of the Vaal! It’s just a matter of time before fatalities occur, given the abysmal state of disrepair manifested over decades of mismanagement by the Emfuleni Local Municipality (which has finally been placed under administration in 2018). 

And what precious little maintenance does actually occur, the incompetence and carelessness with which it is carried out only serves to exacerbate the situation.

The Emfuleni Local Municipality Strategic Electrical infrastructure has reached catastrophic proportions and a local disaster needs to be declared, as power affects the very ecological and economic survival of the region. All downstream infrastructure is affected, exponentially compounded by sewage pollution into the Vaal river of gargantuan proportions (over 100 million liters of raw, untreated sewage flows through streets, buildings and homes, and into the river, DAILY), already subject to another Petition to call on the President to declare that also a Provincial Disaster (although it has national repercussions).

Urgent and immediate National Government intervention is the only resolve now – Mr Ramaphosa, Declare Emfuleni a Disaster Area, NOW!

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Some Memorable Memento’s – Electrical Infrastructure

A handful among hundreds more, varying in scale and magnitude, but painting the same sordid picture of total neglect… No locks (if there are still doors) and some substations have become a happy, warm recluse for vagrants and homeless, until it blows up…

Some Memorable Memento’s – Sewage Infrastructure

Raw sewage everywhere; maggots, rats, masses of condoms, baby nappies, raw excrement… This is a calamity of unprecedented scale, never seen in South Africa before, anywhere! And Residents are getting fed up, FAST!!!