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The Emfuleni Electrical Infrastructure Intervention Program (EIIP)

Emfuleni for Change NPC (EfC), in a coalition of Business- and Community organizations (including ERPA) have embarked on this Intervention Program to take control of maintenance and support of strategic municipal assets, starting with Power, and when stabilized, Water & Sanitation (which is now at a standstill after two attempts by national and provincial government…) and Roads Infrastructure.

Read the full story here:, where you can download the Letter of Intent that was sent to the new ELM Administrator, Mr. Willy Bhila (and other dignitaries) on Friday 3 July 2020, and we urge you to also sign the Petition to throw your support behind this groundbreaking event (link at the bottom of the EfC post).

This is it! The Peg is in the Ground, and there’s no turning back now. We are gatvol and will take control, before the local government completely destroys us with their corruption, lack of management and gross dereliction of duty.

We need everyone to distribute the EfC post to as many of your friends, family and contacts, and keep an eye on the Vaal Weekblad tomorrow (7 July 2020) for coverage of the story.

Source: Emfuleni for Change NPC