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***   Another Small Step towards a Flourishing Community   ***

Constituted as a non-profit company in terms of the Companies Act, 2008 (Act 71 of 2008) of South Africa


Our Vision is to:

To halt the functional collapse of the local municipality and restore both structure and function of effective governance to create an enabling environment for the community to recover, lost jobs to be restored and new jobs created, and confidence to return such that an inclusive economy can flourish in the Emfuleni area.


Our mission is to:

  • Fix the Burning Challenges left in the wake of the Emfuleni Local Municipality (ELM) failures
  • Implement Processes & Procedures that will facilitate Continual Improvement of Maintenance, Quality and Delivery of Municipal Services and Infrastructure, Professionally, Transparently and Cost Effectively


The scope of our mandate covers the following key performance areas:

  • Services – Critical municipal services, including Refuse Removal, Electricity, Sewage and Water.
  • Maintenance – Including (but not limited to) potholes, street lights, burst water pipes, municipal areas (e.g. parks, sidewalks, servitude’s, etc.) etc.
  • Security – Including (but not limited to) armed response, foot-patrols, boom-closures, traffic calming, etc.
  • Infrastructure – Including (but not limited to) sewerage plants, electrical sub-stations and related network reticulation, water and sanitation, etc.

Open Invitation

We extend an open invitation for you to join us in the quest to restore Emfuleni to its former splendor:

Emfuleni Ratepayers and Residents

You are invited to Register for free and immediately benefit from the multitude of features and functions that will assist you in dealing with the municipal issues you are faced with.

The following services are available to you (and the list will be growing, so check back often):

Relevant newsletters and articles about burning issues – News
A convenient, growing library of Forms for submitting disputes (in accordance with national, provincial and local legislation) and other forms – Forms
A means to communicate emergencies relating to municipal infrastructure and/or services – Support
Your very own User Profile that you can customize to your liking – Register
A growing library of relevant documentation all in one place, so that you don’t have to go Googling all over the place (and falling in the trap of potentially finding incorrect or dubious information) – Documents
A poll, survey and petition platform where you can cast your vote on matters arising and participate in surveys and petitions from time to time – Action
A growing knowledge-base that you can tap into when you need to find answers to your relevant questions

Wards within Emfuleni

Join hands with us so that we can present a united front in our collective effort to restoring our communities to its former glory. We cannot afford not to…
If you do not already have a web presence, we can assist you at the speed of light (refer to the section In Building this Website below). And even if you already have your own website, get in touch with us anyway, because there are ample opportunities for minimizing cost and optimizing productivity. Contact us and let’s have a chat.

Ratepayers’ Organizations and Associations in Other Municipal Areas

Peruse this website and let us know if you would be interested in joining hands with us, so that we can draw the net nationally to benefit from multiple experiences across South Africa (and internationally, where relevant).
We are able to assist you with your web-presences similar to 2. above – If you don’t have a web-presence, your efforts to assist in your jurisdiction may be constrained (refer to the section In Building this Website below). Contact us and let’s have a chat.

Coalitions – ERPA has aligned with the following organizations, forming mutually beneficial relationships

North West University – Vaal Triangle Campus (NWU)
Technology Solution House (Pty) Ltd (TSH)
Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce (GTCoC)
Organization Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA)
Save The Vaal (SAVE)
More to come…


We Need Your Support!!!

Before we can do ANYTHING to clean up our once flourishing community, we need a MANDATE from YOU, the Ratepayer/Resident of Emfuleni. Please go to Poll #1 to see why we need your support, and cast your vote NOW.

Sedibeng District Municipality

The Emfuleni Local Municipality (GT421) forms part of the greater Sedibeng District Municipality (DC42) that includes the Lesedi and Midvaal Municipalities.

Overview Map

Register Now!

As an Emfuleni Ratepayer, one of the first contributions you can make, right now, is to register as a Subscriber to this website. We encourage every single Emfuleni Ratepayer to subscribe to this forum, as it will be the first platform where information will be shared.

In Building this Website

The goal of this web-building project was to not get locked into specific service- or technology providers, so that we can be fleet-of-foot when needed, seamlessly and transparently, and without the clutter and advertising that plagues ordinary websites.

We have created a WordPress technology framework (the global Market Leader in Content Management Systems) that leverages the Multisite Network architecture that will enable;

  1. Continuity of support and maintenance – WordPress has the largest following of inexpensive Webmaster/Administrative knowledgeable support and resources available, anywhere in the world. This was one of the key technological determination factors for ERPA.
  2. Any ward in Emfuleni (e.g. S.E.3, etc.) to benefit from setting up their own web-presence, leveraging the very same tools, functions and features created on this website, while maintaining their own identity (logo’s, styling, etc.), in the erpa.co.za network (e.g. se3.erpa.co.za).
  3. Migration of existing web-presences to the central erpa.co.za point-of-presence (e.g. ward5.erpa.co.za, se3.erpa.co.za, etc.) that will retain their existing content and identities (including administrative control), but leveraging a single Web Host (global best-of-breed) and Content Management System (WordPress) infrastructure. Why maintain (and pay for) multiple instances when you can consolidate on a single platform, with state-of-the-art business continuity and disaster recovery functions that will enable rapid recovery or migration to another web hosting service provider, seamlessly and transparently, and at a fraction of your current expenditure? Consolidate effort and experience while Minimizing cost and risk profiles – It just makes sense.

We achieved the goal 100%. If you would like to know more about the approach to the building of this website, Meet the Builder.

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